backward, backwards
1. For the adverb, both forms are in use, although backward is somewhat more common in AmE and backwards in BrE:

• Talk ran backward from the events of the morning —A. Munro, CanE 1987

• I walked backward to look at her in the sun —E. L. Doctorow, AmE 1989

• Not knowing where he was, and trying to work his way backwards —R. Cobb, BrE 1985.

In the fixed expressions bend (or lean) over backwards, backwards and forwards, and to know backwards, backward is only found occasionally outside AmE:

• He'll bend over backwards to please a client —M. Bail, AusE 1975

• An eclectic collector…, he knows the showrooms backwards. —Financial Times, 1983

• The door kept swinging backwards and forwards —Anita Brookner, 1984

• From the study above them…came the sound of footsteps moving backwards and forwards across the floor —R. Border, 1991

• They move backward and forward between denial and anger and depression, unable to break out of the circle of despair —G. Carmichael, 1991.

2. For the adjective, the correct form in standard English is backward:

• He watched her walking away without a backward glance. —R. Sutcliff, 1954

• Getting involved with the blind in any way seemed like a backward step —Ved Mehta, 1987.

3. In addition to the directional meanings, backward has developed the sense ‘slow to learn’,’ (applied to children). This is now often considered offensive and should be replaced by more neutral and considerate terms such as having learning difficulties, cumbersome though these tend to be.

Modern English usage. 2014.


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